Go read — April 2016

One With the City

Geared towards the urban savvy Millenial, the “One With the City” campaign from ASICS, takes its theme pretty literally.

The 15-second animation features a colorful man made of things you’ll find on the streets: from buildings to lampposts, and from cars to famous European landmarks. All there to introduce the new Tiger GEL-Kayano Trainer EVO sneaker.

The ASICS campaign, created by 180 Amsterdam is featured in this Adweek article on how five sports brands are trying to get “Millennials” to wear their sneakers. We really loved the illustrations created by Philly based artists Andy Rementer and Andy Baker, as it grabs your attention with its artful and distinctive style. Or maybe it’s because we bumped into this campaign on our way to our studio for the last couple of weeks.

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