Rotisserie — Branding

Best Cock and Beef Patties in Town

Friends of ours started the Rotisserie. A Brooklynese bar and take-away joint in boogie down Amsterdam West. Their purpose is to serve the best chicken and burgers in town. We helped them with their positioning and brand identity.

We where asked to create a timeless, bold and authentic brand identity for the Rotisserie. Based on their real purpose which revolves around chicken and double patty burgers. Because that’s where their bar and take-away is about.

We’ve created a brand identity that carries the purpose of the Rotisserie at heart. In a bold and authentic way. For the illustrations of the cocky rooster, we teamed up with the Dumboh which resulted in a great co-op.

Since the opening of the Rotisserie in the summer of 2014 in Amsterdam west, the guys opened a second shop in Amsterdam East in the end of 2015. Their double patty burgers are becoming infamous and real classic.

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