Another Universe

Designing radically meaningful brands

We are on a mission

We team up with businesses, to design radically meaningful brands. By looking at their challenges from another perspective.

What is your mission?

Creative agency for the
benefit of humankind

Another Universe is an independent agency from Amsterdam. Founded in 2016, we are united by our boundless passion for creativity. We use creative thinking as a strategic weapon, to explore and create positive change. For our clients, and for the benefit of humankind.

Designing radically
meaningful brands

We see great opportunity for brands, who are fundamental about their true purpose. And who make that actionable, for their teams and customers. In a way that is unmistakable, across all digital and physical spaces. It’s what we call being ‘radically meaningful’.

Looking at businesses
from new perspectives

With a team of thinkers, doers and makers, we take a deep-dive into your business. An inspiring journey, structured by our Mission Flight Program. This 5-stage program ignites co-creation from kick-off to launch. It’s designed for every mission, flexible enough to meet any challenge.

Crafting brand stories,
identities and experiences

We team up with businesses to design new brands from zero. To reframe existing brands into new realities. Or enrich meaningful brands with new experiences. Our missions involve brand strategy, identity, digital platforms, content, and campaigns.

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