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Making eMobility easy, with Ee

Eneco eMobility

The energy transformation is real. And it’s happening now. eMobility is going to play a vital role in the future of our planet, and companies are already investing heavily in electric car parks. We teamed up with The Social Club and Zoekhelden, joining Eneco eMobility on their mission to make the world a better place – one electric mile at a time.

Character design

To create a meaningful and distinctive design, we conducted in-depth research into the ‘character’ of real-world charging stations. Based on our insights, we developed the unique design and personality of Ee, brought to life with subtle-yet-recognisable visual cues.

Virtual assistant

Based on the specific needs of potential visitors, we mapped out a dialogue flow to structure all conversations. To generate leads, every conversation results in a personal contact with one of Ee’s colleagues.

Digital Platform

Ee plays the hero role on their digital platform. The design of the platform is closely tied to Eneco’s visual identity. For maximum flexibility, Eneco’s eMobility team can manage the platform themselves, adding new insights and research as they go — so that Ee grows even smarter and more powerful with time.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Motion Design