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Securing an ever changing world


The security industry is changing at warp speed. The impact of new technology, big data and the open society is overwhelming. Securitas operates at the forefront of these challenging times, with a laser-focused vision. We made it our mission to help Securitas become radically meaningful, and stake their claim to this new frontier.

Working closely with Securitas, we rejuvenated their brand strategy by identifying and isolating their true purpose: transforming our ever-changing world into a safer place to live and work.

This shared mission challenges and inspires, uniting all parties behind a universal goal. It makes Securitas’ vision actionable in a meaningful way, emphasising the company’s leadership and pioneering spirit in shaping the security landscapes of the future.

To bring this story to life, we created ‘Het Nieuwe Beveiligen’ (The New Face of Security). Our integrated campaign zeroes in on the biggest security challenges companies face today. In doing so, we positioned Securitas as the thought leader, sparking a dialogue with their audience and peers.

The campaign combined an in-depth benchmark report, an inspiring documentary, a digital platform and a high-profile customer event – featuring a live debate between 85 leading security professionals from across the Netherlands.



To raise awareness of the urgency of revising and updating security protocols in our rapidly changing landscape, we created a documentary series: Securitas Studio Sessions. The documentary consisted of three episodes: New Technology, Big Data and the Open Society. For each episode, we carefully curated a team of domain and security experts. Watch all documentaries here.

Campaign Platform

The platform plays a central role in the campaign, seamlessly uniting all touch-points to convert visitors into relevant leads. Alongside the benchmarking and documentary, the platform provides more detailed information about Securitas’ future-oriented vision. Supported with relevant case studies, visitors can create their own benchmark and identify opportunities.


Customer Event

The final piece of the campaign was the ‘Live Studio Session’ – a customer event focusing on how to implement the new face of security in the digital age. The event showcased a range of inspiring keynote speakers, culminating in a live roundtable with 85 leading security professionals, chaired by Anita Witzier. Go watch the full live session here.


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