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Making pizza great again

The Fat Pie

In a world of calorie-counting and clean eating, The Fat Pie see things differently. They see an opportunity to reinvent fast food for the millennial generation, and we joined them in their mission to make American-style pizza great again.


The name ‘The Fat Pie’ demands an ultra-bold logotype. To meet this need, we designed a unique hand-drawn typeface that represents everything they stand for – the authenticity of their ingredients, their game-changing approach to fast food, and their mouth-watering pizza.


The typeface we designed for The Fat Pie is as bold as it gets. Because we hand-drew every element, we were able to maintain and communicate the authenticity of their food through all branding and communication.


The colour palette reflects their hero product and draws inspiration from the streets of New York’s Little Italy.

Pizza Guy

To strengthen the identity of The Fat Pie, we created a playful brand mascot with cult tattoo artist Etienne Memon. The character captures the essence of their American pizza concept, while showing that they don’t take themselves too seriously.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration
  • Concepting