Another Universe

Saving the world from IT monsters


Technology is the biggest accelerator of business change and growth. This can create endless opportunities and possibilities. But, in reality, IT is getting more complex every day – and companies can’t manage their exponential need for new tech. We joined True on their mission to save the world from IT monsters.


The True logo and E-mark was redesigned in 2009 by our Creative Director Laurens Franssen. Ever since, it’s been recognised as an icon of the IT industry in The Netherlands. We re-examined its usage to create clear guidelines for all applications.


To emphasise the wealth of people that defines the brand’s culture and holistic approach to IT, we designed a rich and vibrant colour palette – giving each colour a custom name to add extra character.


The DIN typeface has been a signature element of True’s identity since 2009. We simplified the usage of this family to add consistency and impact to every touchpoint.

Graphic system

We designed a graphic system which is extremely flexible, effortlessly easy to use, and adaptable to any canvas or application. The system ensures a consistent brand image across all communications.


The website is designed and built on a modular system. This means that new pages can be built with thoroughly thought-through components, maintaining cohesion across the entire website – from the layout, typography, and icons, to the UI elements and visual content. This modular system empowers Trueligans to further develop the website with their own in-house team.


Our partnership with Another Universe has been fundamental, for the way we reframed our business and organisation. Through great collaboration with our teams, we unlocked our true purpose and brought it to life with a dynamic identity and seamless experience across all touch points.

Olaf van Veen — Commercial Director


  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design