Another Universe

Turning experience into conversation


Ever wondered how an eucalyptus plant, a Warhol, or a drip-brew coffee could affect your clients? Welkom! creates unique visitor experiences that leave nothing to chance. We took it upon ourselves to bring their unique services to vivid life, with a truly eye-opening campaign. A campaign that turns experience into conversation.


Interactive experience

We created an innovative interactive film that zeroes in on key aspects of a visitor’s experience. Shot from the visitor’s perspective, we asked questions at every ‘touchpoint’ of their journey, combining the answers to build a tailor-made profile that can be used to elevate their visitors real-world corporate experience.

Personalized profile

Based on the choices made during the interactive film, we can create a personalized profile, showing your ideal customer experience. Companies can then reflect on their actual visitor experience, with the opportunity to invite colleagues and compare profiles. In doing so we generated a pool of active leads – so Welkom! can easily start conversations and bring these dreams to life.


Another Universe’s creativity and enthusiasm are contagious and resulted in a refreshingly progressive campaign for our label Welkom!

Catriene Smit — Manager Marketing & Communication


  • Strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • Cpywriter
  • Animation
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Concept