Another Universe

Data driven media, made human


Zoekhelden is an Amsterdam based agency with a radical new approach to media services. We joined them on their mission to change the media landscape, creating a fresh brand identity and digital platform that communicates their unique approach in a vividly meaningful way.


We choose a bold typeface to amplify Zoekhelden’s openness and transparency. The ‘Zoodle’ beneath the Z represents a confluence of data strings — as well as the boundless energy of the Zoekhelden team. The Zoodle can be used in combination with the logo, with the Z-mark, and as a standalone.


The typeface shares their bold and open character. Like Zoekhelden, it really stands for something — the geometric simplicity of the typeface underlines the clarity of their communication.

What started as a restyling of our website, resulted in a vibrant rebranding that truly reflects who we are in a distinctive and meaningful way.

Marcel van Huis — Co-founder Zoekhelden


To emphasize the wealth of data used by Zoekhelden, we created a dynamic and colourful tonal palette. Its applications are extremely flexible, making their identity as rich as it is distinctive.


A human-oriented company demands human-oriented photography. Together with Maarten Delobel, we created a fun signature style for Zoekhelden’s team portraits. These images play a key role in communication, giving a human face to everything they do.


We translated the essence of their brand into a simple and human online experience. The site revolves around their dedicated team and real-time data. From their media coverage, to web traffic, client reviews, and even the amount of coffee consumed, the experience communicates exactly what Zoekhelden is all about. And it does it in a way that’s utterly unmistakable.

It’s great and liberating to work with a flexible and talented team like Another Universe, almost as if they are part of ours. It was an inspiring journey and the result makes people smile everyday.

Marc Arnold — Co-founder Zoekhelden


  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Concepting
  • Visual Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Motion Design